US artist DREKKA SOUNDSYSTEM, normally just using the moniker Drekka, has been active since the mid 1990’s with a self-described specialty creating experimental cinematic ambient industrial noise soundscapes. Spartan Dub is an EP from 2012, released by US label Silber Records as a part of an experimental series of EPs made under the condition 5 songs in 5 minutes.

The press review describes this production as follows: “Drekka Soundsystem’s Spartan Dub is a collection of “micro-dubs” recorded at sound checks throughout Europe on Drekka’s Europe Endless tour in the winter of 2011/2012”.

The end result, at least as far as my ears and mind go, is that we’re treated to a constellation of tracks that comes across as someone tuning a good, old fashioned radio, with fragments of a bass and piano driven reggae song appearing in a more or less fragmented manner. You know there’s more behind it than merely that when listening to these five minutes of produced sounds, but the impression sticks. Especially as the elongated conclusion comes to it’s static conclusion.

A production for those with a special interest in creations blending noise and music more than music that can be recommended to people with an interest in a certain style of music. This item is all about approach and not so much about genre as far as I’m concerned. Fairly intriguing too, in a strange kind of way.

My rating: 72/100

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