Music is why Mike gets up in the morning. He is fully obsessed, and is quick to suggest that music is the best. Since he was a child, Mike has been listening to a wide variety of music. He grew up with horn bands like Chicago and Tower of Power, the jazz of theBrecker Brothers and Mike Stern, and generous helpings of Steely Dan and classical music.

Mike found progressive rock during middle school when his uncles gave him several Yes and Rushalbums. It was love on first listen. In High School, Mike soon discovered King Crimson and Frank Zappaand his life was never the same. He spent the rest of his high school career discovering all sorts or progressive music and researching just about everything in the genre. Some of his fondest memories (and biggest discoveries) were attending four NEARfests with his dad. So many great bands, great people, and fun in Bethlehem. Mike also has family roots in prog. His dad and uncle are both members of the band Frogg Café. He helps out as the dedicated roadie for most Frogg gigs, and loves being a part of one of his favorite bands!mike-lieto-twitter-300x300

Today Mike prides himself on his diverse and eclectic musical taste. He has been known to shift fromFrank Zappa to Miles Davis to bluegrass to Cardiacs to funk to 90s punk to late romantic classical music, all in one afternoon! As for prog itself, Mike tends to gravitate towards the RIO, Zeuhl, jazz-related, or the really weird stuff, but he does enjoy some good ol’ fashioned symphonic prog. He is extremely glad to be a Co-Host with Ian Beabout on Prog Rock Deep Cuts, and looks forward to the show each week to not only share some of his favorite progressive music, but also to discovering new music. You can also find Mike on Progressive Ears, where he has been a member since 2007. He also plays Trombone and a little bit of bass guitar.

Mike is a biologist, and specifically an aspiring herpetologist, which is a scientist who studies amphibians and reptiles. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree and currently works as an Assistant in the Reptile House at the Bronx Zoo. He loves coming to work everyday and working with large and diverse collection! He is currently aspiring to be a full time reptile keeper and also to earn his master’s degree, but the world is his oyster (Ed. – soup kitchen floor wax museum), and so shall he seize it!


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