US project GODDAKK is the ongoing solo project of Martin Newman (Plumerai, DRLNG), and have released two full albums and two EPs in addition to some compilation contributions so far. “Praises to My Devourer” is the most recent of the EPs issued under this moniker, and was released by US label Silber Records towards the end of 2014 as a part of their ongoing 5-in-5 conceptual range of EPs, where the concept is to create a 5 minute long EP with a total of 5 compositions.

Newman’s approach here have been to create 5 pieces of music each clocking in at around the minute mark. Opening with a dark, eerie and alien soundscape, complete with distant instrument howls, and he continues with an eerie light toned drone over plucked metallic instrument sounds. The third track returns to a more dismal, dystopian darkness, menacing and futuristic, while the fourth cut is a calmer affair with echoing gentle electronic details over twisted and highly distorted plucked guitars. The conclusion comes by way of light toned distorted guitar details combining with dark, eerie yet subtle electronic effects, a soundscape that sounds mechanical and organic at the same time, and then in a fairly unnerving manner.

Those fond of drones, electronic effects and twisted instrument details explored within a haunting, dark and at times oppressive framework should find this EP to be well worth investigating. 5 minutes of sounds and music pulled from some of your more sophisticated nightmares.

My rating: 76/100

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