US project KIRCHENKAMPF is the creative vehicle of composer and musician John Gore, who has been an active creator and purveyor of electronic music since the second half of the 1980’s. “The Body Electric” is a 5 track, 5 minutes long EP, and was released through US label Silber Records as part of their ongoing experimental series of 5×5 EPs.

Cosmic sounds and the desolation of outer space are the main associations this EP brings to mind. Contrasting dark and light layers of sounds, the former generally warm and organic and the latter mostly cold and distant, flavored by sound effects of various kinds to create distinct landscapes particular to each of the landscapes explored. From vast arrangements giving a lost in space impression to robotic chittering sounds and machinelike drones. And in one instance backed by a gently hammering electronic percussion arrangement that for me reminds ever so slightly about some of Hawkwind’s excursions in the electronic oriented realm.

As with most productions that comes courtesy of Silber Records this is material far removed from what one might describe as mainstream, but those with a fascination for music and soundscapes of the cosmic and deep space oriented variety, this is an EP that should be worth a check.

My rating: 72/100

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