US artist P. D. Wilder describes himself as a musician with a strong interest in creating material that falls under the categories of drones and post-rock, and is a member of the bands Greetings, Parties and WBHC. As a solo artist he has three self-released productions to his name, and possibly a few other recursions as well: Detailed information is a bit hard to track down. “O Tokke Hymns” is one of these, a 5 minutes long 5 track EP, released through US label Silber Records as part of their ongoing 5×5 series of experimental EPs.

The name of the game for this specific production are drones. The opening cut with it’s sacral, majestic light toned drones, a colder and machine-like cut follows next, then a dark, cold and ominous soundscape creeps forth. A machine-like affair that gives associations towards submarines and underwater landscapes is next up, and then the EP shifts back to a similar kind of landscape that opened this EP.

While all five cuts are interesting in themselves, it would also appear as if they are bits and pieces of a larger whole. They all end in fadeouts, and I get a firm notion that all of these are parts of journeys into landscapes where the parts we’re not presented with would make these excursions feel more complete and cohesive.

An intriguing and at times interesting EP, but also one that feels somewhat unfulfilled. Those who tend to enjoy drones as well as music with a relation to ambient post-rock appears to be the crowd that would feel most at home with this production, and is thus recommended for that audience.

My rating: 72/100

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