UK band THE HONEY POT first appeared back in 2012 with their debut album “To the Edge of the World”, and have since issued some singles and EPs prior to 2016, when they reappeared with two studio albums. Prior to the release of the latter of those two, “Ascending Scales”, a limited edition promo CD featuring two tracks from that double album was released by UK vinyl specialist label Fruits de Mer Records.

The first of those tracks, Dr. Crippen’s Waiting Room, was originally made by The Orange Machine. In this version this track is a most charming experience, with hovering organ and plucked guitars setting the pace in a suitably psychedelic manner, sporting sections of flowing organ and guitar solo runs and a nifty organ and sound effects interlude prior to returning to the opening arrangement.

The edited version of Time Machine present here, some two and a half minutes shorter than the album version, opens with an effects treated arrangement of a rhythms and delicate piano song sporting distant, almost sleepy female lead vocals, leading on to a drum roll interlude seguing over to cosmic effects and a feisty guitar riff and solo run with some cosmic effects applied, with organ details gliding in prior to a fade-out. A nice experience sporting good contrasts between the slightly odd, cosmic opening and the hard hitting, driving conclusion. Again a cover track, the original here first released by the band Stray.

If you come across this promo single it is one well worth keeping, and as with the double album the tracks are pulled from it is a well made production exploring rather different aspects of the psychedelic rock universe.

My rating: 90/100

Track list:
Dr. Crippen’s Waiting Room; Time Machine (Edited version)

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