UK band RAINBREAKERS was formed in 2012, but apart from a single a few years back they didn’t have any substantial release to their name until the spring of 2017, when they self-released their debut EP “Rise Up”.

Rainbreakers is one of many bands sent my way in recent times that may be described as a group with a foundation and firmament in blues. In this case it is a band that have explored quite a bit beyond that foundation however, and in a not all that typical manner as well in my opinion.

This EP comes across as quite the journey, where each track appears to highlight a certain aspect of their chosen sound, and in some way also laying the foundation for the following cut. Hence we’re taken on a journey into a subtly funk-underscore mixture of blues rock and psychedelic rock on the opening cut, then a more sparse blues rock oriented affair with more careful psychedelic and funky details next, while the third track has a more sparse, ballad-oriented expression that highlights the funky details and tones down the psychedelic elements somewhat, with vocals and a bass line that probably have taken a cue or three from vintage soul music. Slight alterations are used to some key ingredients on fourth cut Perception to transform that composition into more of a reggae-oriented affair, remnants of which are brought on to the more blues rock and subtly psychedelic tinged concluding cut Living Free.

This is a band very well aware of what they do, and the recording quality is one that gives the material a nice and honest feel to it as well. With a finely controlled lead vocalist able to provide a fine emotional touch to his voice throughout, the end result is an entertaining and captivating EP.

Rainbreakers take on the blues, with psychedelic effects, reggae and soul brought into the mix, isn’t one I have come across all that often before, and while this is a blend that may sound like a strange and chaotic affair this is really not the case. Perhaps not an EP to seek out for the blues traditionalists, but those who enjoy blues and blues rock used as a foundation in a creative manner should most likely find this production to be a rewarding encounter.


My rating: 80/100

Track list:
On My Own, Rise Up, Waiting On You, Perception, Living Free

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