Stephen Lambe and Huw Lloyd-Jones, who together have run the Summer’s End Festival since 2005, launched their new record label, Sonicbond, in November.

The label was officially launched on November 10th 2017 with the worldwide release of Tainted, the second album by Oslo-based trio When Mary. When Mary is the brainchild of former White Willow vocalist Trude Eidtang, and follows the release of the band’s debut 7Summers7Winters in 2013.

The album will be released in all digital formats and CD and will be distributed by Nova (known for their long-term relationship with Mostly Autumn) via Plastichead.

Huw comments:
“Tainted is genuinely one of the best albums that Stephen and I have heard for many years, and it epitomises what we intend the label to be represent. When Mary’s music is truly progressive in that it embraces influences from many music genres, including pop, classical and electronica. We think the album will appeal to those that come to Summer’s End, but also a far wider (dare I say mainstream?) audience, which is why we have chosen Nova – one of the UK’s best known independent distributors – as our partners in this venture.”

View the promo for Wings of Wax:

Stephen explains the origins of the name:

“Those with long memories might remember my CD mail order business Sonicbond in the mid 2000s. Although I ended that business 10 years ago, I’ve always loved the name and wanted to bring it back in some form. We think it’s the perfect name for the label as it sums up very concisely our relationship with the artists, the music and the listeners.”

Sonicbond is currently in discussions with a variety of artists for releases in 2018 and is accepting submissions from bands now.

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