Obiymy Doschu is a Ukrainian band that plays a unique blend of progressive rock with neoclassical, neofolk and post-rock elements and Ukrainian lyrics. The band formed in 2004 in Kyiv, released their debut album “Elehia” in 2009, and have since then worked on an ambitious long play “Son”, which is set to be self-released by the band on November 17th 2017.

15 musicians including a string quartet, 10 sound engineers, 200 hours of recording in 7 different studios and more than 8 years since the debut album. These are pretty unusual numbers for Ukrainian music scene, but it barely scratches the surface of how much effort, sacrifice and love for progressive music it took for Obiymy Doschu to finish their epic second album “Son” (“Dream”). It’s 72 minutes of complex, hauntingly beautiful, poetic rock music with lush string arrangements and songs perfected over a decade.

The album has been mixed by British musician and sound producer Bruce Soord, the frontman of the band The Pineapple Thief, who also worked with such grands of progressive music scene as Opeth, Anathema, Riverside, Tesseract and Blackfield.

Track list:
01. Ostannya Myt (The Last Moment)
02. Kryla (Wings)
03. Razom (Together)
04. Temna Rika (The Dark River)
05. Nazustrich Tyshi (Facing the Silence)
06. Kimnata (The Room)
07. Interludiya (Interlude)
08. Son (Dream)
09. Zemle Moya Myla (My Dear Land)
10. Novyi Pochatok (A New Beginning)
11. Yanhol (Angel)

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