Major Parkinson bring you Blackbox in moving pictures and sound. Take a six minute break from your schedule and turn your peepers in the direction of this and check it out. The video was premiered on the Prog Mind website, and can also be seen on YouTube.

The video was made by by Benjamin Langeland of Flimmer Film in collaboration with blogger and designer Viktoria Aksnes and Major Parkinson.

The band comments:
“In the Blackbox music video, we direct the searchlight towards the abyss and the black shadow of the holy cow that we worship. The invisible rot of our society is slowly hatched from our own captivity – social media and the dark side of technology have become our priest and our church, where the joy of the hollow smile reflects our unfortunate wishes.The video is more about what’s not visible – the things that we hide.”

Major Parkinson’s Blackbox is available now from Karisma Records.

Track list:
1. Lover, Lower Me Down! 04:47
2. Night Hitcher 05:46
3. Before the Helmets 01:25
4. Isabel – A Report to an Academy 09:41
5. Scenes from Edison’s Black Maria 01:46
6. Madeleine Crumbles 05:06
7. Baseball 10:20
8. Strawberry Suicide 02:57
9. Blackbox 05:48

Blackbox is the fourth studio album by the Norwegian cult prog rock outfit Major Parkinson.

The seven members of the band have spent the better part of two years creating this album, partly in the legendary Duper Studio, and partly in their own dungeon – Degaton Studio. And the end result is now finally ready to be unleashed on the world. Linn Frøkedal (Misty Coast, Low Frequency in Stereo) contributes on no less than four tracks with her haunting vocals, and a plethora of guest musicians have all added their unique blends to further elevate the Blackbox experience. Frenetic horn sections, angelic strings, rusty hammers, paper planes and rocket ships, this album has it all.

With this release, Major Parkinson gives you an uncompromising work, somewhere in the crossroads between progressive rock, cinematic pop, heavy industry and icy Arctic electronics. Roll out the black carpet!

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