US project SMALL LIFE FORM is the creative vehicle of composer and musician Brian John Mitchell, and since he started this venture in 1998 around a dozen albums and EPs have been released under this moniker. The EP “It Is Not Safe But It Is Warm” dates back to 2015, and was released through US label Silber Records.

Drones is a type of music closely associated with Silber Records, and this EP is all about drones. Or drone one might say, as this is a one track affair that clocks in at a bit over 12 minutes.

From what I think I can hear there are two main drones here, and while there are some subtle noises that creep in beneath those I do not know if these are additional effects or merely small reverbs and fluctuations in the drones themselves that manifests as additional, subtle presences throughout this fluctuating journey.

At the onset we are treated to one hovering, fluctuating drone with a fairly constant and relatively smoothy sound, with a supporting layers that produce a rougher texture with something of a machine like, fluttering expression. These two then move toward each other, meeting up as two fairly constant static presences midways, and then seguing back towards how these drones appeared initially. At the end one of the drones close down with lighter toned, shearing noises, while the remaining fades out towards the end.

Not all that much happens here, this is a journey through landscapes where the alterations are of a minimalist nature and the changes are as subtle as the drones themselves are not. A pleasing enough experience, but not a creation that will have any substantial appeal beyond those who enjoy layered drones created by distorted, electric guitars. If you happen to enjoy such music however, this is an EP worth taking notice of.


My rating: 60/100

Track list:
It Is Not Safe But It Is Warm

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