Tautologic is set to release “Re:Psychle”, a CD of songs inspired by real-life Chicagoans, on January 18th 2018. The album will be available through the band’s own label – Turtle Down Music and at Tautologic’s live performances, and downloadable versions from from Bandcamp, CDBaby, iTunes, and Amazon. Three tracks have been made available for streaming through the band’s Bandcamp site prior to release HERE

Based in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago, Tautologic bandleader Ethan Sellers is an alumni of the University of Chicago. Written and recorded within blocks of the University and the Obama mansion, Sellers’ songs for Re:Psychle document people he has met around the Chicago area. Notable characters from the songs include The Choirboy Bandit, who was convicted of robbing 10 banks in 7 states, using only a bicycle as his getaway vehicle.

Addiction and mental illness color many of their stories, and the lyrics open up windows on a host of topics – veterans’ issues, religious belief in secularizing society, addiction, conspiracy theories, materialism, mental health, celebrity culture, and the need for re-connection with nature.

Jim DeRogatis of NPR’s Sound Opinions radio show calls Tautologic’s music “an impressively ambitious example of virtuosic musicianship and deft arrangements navigating myriad sounds and styles without ever losing that essential melodic thread or propulsive rock drive.”

Songs from Tautologic’s previous releases have variously been compared to Genesis, Gentle Giant, Beatles, and Fairport Convention – and Re:Psychle will no doubt expand upon that impressive list of comparisons. Bandleader Ethan Sellers’ compositions augment Tautologic’s potent 6-piece line-up with strings, horns, and woodwinds. Special guests include members of Grammy award-winning chamber group Eighth Blackbird and Grammy-nominated acid jazz band Liquid Soul. Re:Psychle was mixed and mastered by Grammy nominees – Rick Barnes at Rax Trax Recording in Lakeview and Randy LeRoy at Airshow Mastering.

Track list:
1. Loud Shoes
2. Not If But When
3. The Admiral
4. The Professor
5. On Your Left
6. The Choirboy
7. Coltrane Supermarket
8. The Whistler
9. The Gospel Lady
10. Osaka Garden

In addition to his work with Tautologic, Sellers teaches private music lessons (piano, guitar, voice) in Hyde Park, performs with other bands in a variety of genres (Celtic folk, bluegrass, Cajun Zydeco, soul), produces recordings, and composes/arranges music for various projects from his studio in South Shore.

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