Us and Them are back with another folktastic single for your third favourite record label. The follow-up to last year’s When I Was Walking finds Us and Them returning with four, yes count them four!, cracking wistful acid tinged songs. From the corner of my eye and When life begins are written by Us and Them. As usual all the songs are recorded, arranged and produced by Us and Them, except All the Madman where Astor Wolfe sang, Dag Strömberg played the flute and Erik Håkansson drummed. The Iron maiden is written by Wolly Wolstenholme and All the madman by David Bowie.

From the corner of my eye is taken from their forthcoming album (May release date) On Shipless Ocean. The Iron maiden makes up the second side of the 7-inch. When life begins and All the madman are available as bonus downloads. All of them are beautiful, timeless songs with more hocks than you’ll find in your local B&Q.

Track list:
A. From the Corner of My Eye
B. The Iron Maiden
Bonus downloads
When Life Begins
All the Madman

Limited edition 250 hand numbered 7-inch | DL.
RELEASE DATE: 20/04/18

“A voice with the presence of a lover’s breath on your neck.”
– Record Collector

“Britt’s vocals are simply beautiful; we’re talking melted hearts and minds.”
– Aural-innovations

“Absolutely beguiling and charming.”
– A box of dreams

“Us and Them continue to quietly dazzle the listener following a number of excellent releases.”
– Strange Brew

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