The fifth album by In The Labyrinth, called ‘Samas Antaral’, is finally being released after a delay of almost 25 years! The label behind this is Transubstans Records, who is releasing this album both digitally and on CD on April 27th 2018.

The songs, of which a vast majority are instrumental, were recorded mainly in the early 90s, hence making it a parallel project to the first album to be released by In The Labyrinth, namely ‘The Garden of Mysteries’. But there are also a few tracks or parts of tracks recorded as early as 1973 and 74, while some bits and pieces have been added more recently.

Samas Antaral is based on a saga written by Stefan Ottman and Mikael Gejel in the 80s and was published as a series in a fantasy magazine called ‘Drömskrinet’. So the music reflects the atmosphere of this story, which runs in a similar vein as Tolkien’s epic, ‘The Lord Of The Rings’.

It’s roughly the same line up as before, with Peter Lindahl at the center of the controls but with old friend and ITL member Stefan Ottman playing an important roll this time.

Track list:
1 Glindar
2 Samas Antaral
3 The Raven Prince
4 Vormakk Of The Marshlands
5 Gar Skuorras
6 Jambekko
7 Nargal
8 Undimon (In The Deep)
9 The Eagle Dreamer
10 Return Of The Hermit
11 Elk Warriors
12 Perrisendrach
13 The Heart Of The World
14 Samirala
15 The Road From Raudalin
16 Gates Of Cornat
17 The Fall Of Tombuk
18 Balindargoth
19 Gormoth’s Dance
20 Logrila

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