Bermuda Cruise, an experimental record label from Montpellier, France, presents the first song from free-rock band Moteur!’s new album entitled En Traits Libres. “No-Go Zone” is the first extract from this album, which will be out on hand-crafted CDs and digital version on March 15th. Marked by its unhinged free forms, bitter-sweet melodies, pseudo dark grooves and ever-changing structure, this is a good point of entry to the delirious universe of Moteur!

Listen to the track HERE

Recorded in a gallery in Montpellier which gives its name to the album, En Traits Libres is composed of four uncut improvisations. Moteur! explores the freest forms of musical creations by way of free improvisation, and creates an instinctive and original music, influenced by free jazz, krautrock, rock in opposition and no-wave.

Album out on limited hand-crafted CDs and digital version on March 15th via Bermuda Cruise.

Track list:
No Go Zone

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