One man becomes a parent, the other enters a convent and the third discovers a new instrument: The path to far-reaching changes in the creative world is as diffuse as it is unpredictable. For years Markus Bratusa, mastermind of Phi, has looked for the golden ratio – or, as they say in his native Vienna, Austria: der Goldene Schnitt (“the golden cut”) – in the musical context: the perfect mixture of rock n’ roll and artistic sophistication. Then there was a careless episode in the kitchen: that is where he found the crucial ingredient for Cycles. Who would have thought that the golden ratio would affect a finger…

It may be irony, maybe even destiny, but cutting his finger paved Bratusa’s way to find the golden ratio of rock n’ roll. The songs are still the beating heart of the artistic organism that is Phi, but the new way of thinking, displayed on Cycles, has brought with it revolutionary harmonic as well as rhythmic impulses that set free unforeseen energy resources, clearly apparent in the more metal-influenced nuances. Add to this the fact that Bratusa had to build an entirely new lineup for Cycles, which he used to overhaul every seemingly irrefutable premise in a, both bold as well as radical way. That is how the band was able to develop so immensely, at such an impressive speed. And do not forget: all that happened in what was only a matter of a few years.

The new album has everything: more focus, more detail, more polyrhythm and delicately woven complexity. Cycles displays more epic width, more grandiose melodies, more thrill, more heaviness – and ultimately more resolution. All that remains of that “golden cut” in the finger is an insignificant scar – and a fascinating album, an album set to be released on March 23rd 2018 through German label Gentle Art of Music.

01) Children Of The Rain
02) Dystopia
03) In The Name Of Freedom
04) Amber
05) Existence
06) Blackened Rivers

Markus Bratusa, vocals, guitar, synthesizer, sound design
Stefan Helige, guitar
Arthur Darnhofer-Demár, bass
Nick Koch, drums, percussion, keys, programming, backing vocals

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