Portuguese artist Luis ANTERO is yet again an unknown entity for me until know. Besides being the curator of net label Green Field Recordings, he also making making field recordings, and so far he has released more than 50 albums and EPs of those himself. The EP “Paper Mill” dates back to 2013, and was released by Macedonian label Post Global Recordings.

It is an interesting one, this EP, and of the two tracks present it was the first one that intrigued me. It opens with a hypnotic, ghostly electronic shimmer, lightly flavored with subtle noise rhythms, segues over to a section with water sounding field recordings, returns to the opening bit for a while, and then segues over to what sounds like someone shoveling gravel, followed by three sets of circulating machine like sounds, and then returning to the shimmering ghostly electronics driven opening theme until the end. It is the presence of this recurring theme that makes this one a more interesting creation for me, even if it is the field recordings in between that I estimate is the main purpose of this creation.

The second track basically expands upon most of the field recordings in the first cut, minus the gravelly sounds, without any additional elements brought in. Not quite as interesting for me, but as I rather assume all these recordings were made in a paper mill, those with a taste for field recordings in general and from locations like these in particular will regard this one as the clear highlight of this EP.

While this is an EP of field recordings that also feature electronic, digital ambient sounds and effects, a certain appreciation for field recordings is most likely warranted to be able to enjoy this production as much as the creator would like to. A fine and intriguing creation of this kind for me, and then due to my taste mainly due to how the first track here has been expanded with ambient electronic sounds and effects.

My rating: 70/100


Track list:
Paper Mill #1 // Paper Mill #2



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