Sound_00 and Iversen is the collaboration between Macedonian artist Toni Dimitrov and Norwegian artist Jan M. Iversen. They have a few collaborations under their belt, and the EP “2.3” has a meaning in that context: It is the third part of their second collaboration. This production was released through Macedonian label Post Global Recordings in 2012.

As far as ambient music goes, this EP represent the kind of ambient music I really like myself. It id well developed, has a lot of depth, and all the details that makes up this soundscape isn’t all that easy to track, as they are used as effects to a much greater extent than to represent themselves. That it is a dark and ominous creation, at least to my ears, isn’t a bad thing either.

Initially we are treated to a lot of different sounds combined with a gentle drone, where the drone ebbs to silence at some point, anew drone appears and then gradually develops to become a dominant aspect of the soundscape, more or less drowning out the greater majority of the other sounds and effects present. On a more detailed level, a lot more is going on though.

At the onset we have nature sounds, what sounds like bird chirps, rustling branches, breaking branches, distant wolf cries, falling rocks and echoing sounds like the ones you may hear in a deep, dark cellar when the lights go out and all sounds suddenly becomes all that louder.

Initially as effects that come and go a bit, but especially as the second drone comes in the more eerie of these sounds starts to dominate, creating a dark, dystopian feel. As the second drone grows in stature, it is the crackling sounds, the rock like sounds and the distant dump echoing cellar like sounds that becomes the main additional sounds, the remaining becoming more distant or fading beneath the drone. Still present though, at least until the drone becomes increasing louder, and siren like undercurrents forms beneath it. That this almost 25 minutes long creation then concludes on a more cosmic note comes across as quite appropriate too.

While I cannot tell how broad an audience a production of this kind will appeal too, those with a taste for ambient music of the darker and arguably more dystopian nature should find this EP a rewarding one to seek out. A well made production, perhaps note quite as deep and sophisticated as it appears to be for my ears, but a high quality creation of it’s kind in my personal opinion at least.

My rating: 80/100


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