The New Sons of Alpha Centauri album Continuum will be released on 1 June 2018 via
H42 Records worldwide and on Cobraside Records for United States & Canada.

Aaron Harris from post metal band ISIS and Palms (feat. members of Deftones) has engineered and produced the Continuum. This is the first full-length album from Sons of Alpha Centauri in 11 years.

Watch an interview with Nick Hannon (bass) and Marlon King (guitars) talk about the last
10 years since the debut:

Over a decade since the release of their debut album Sons of Alpha Centauri return for their second full-length album – an epic introspective journey of abrasive and ambient progressive electronic alt rock entitled Continuum.

Over a decade in development Continuum is driven with an raw infusion of power that only Aaron Harris from ISIS and Palms could deliver from the producing and mixing helm. Harris has driven his unique and deep understanding of the genre to channel the album to compare against contemporaries such as the debut Palms album and the ISIS masterpiece Panopticon.

This raw and cathartic performance further reinforces that this is Sons of Alpha Centauri at their heaviest with Continuum wrought with dark anthems, intense textures, introspective interludes and tidal waves of immersive distortion.

Having just recently released a boxset of their collaborations with Karma to Burn and their partnership with Yawning Man known as Yawning Sons being widely regarded as a cult act the return of Sons of Alpha Centauri is something to really watch in 2018.

Continuum sees a development of the heavier blended concepts expressed on the debut album and Sons of Alpha Centauri re-emerge with Aaron Harris as the instrumental electronic alt rock titans!

Track list:
01. Into The Abyss
02. Jupiter
03. Solar Storm
04. Io
05. Surfacing for Air
06. Interstellar
07. Orbiting Jupiter
08. Return Voyage

Watch a teaser trailer for the album HERE

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