This is a re-release of the horrendous but excellent “No Er Det Skandale Igjen” , the debut album by these scandalic norseman from Bergen. Det Skandaløse Orkester did release this one back in 2014 but now it’s available for a wider audience and for the first time on CD! With a new album is just around the corner you can expect more madness from this highly original bunch very soon!

1. Det Skandaløse Orkester-Kjenningsmelodien (A: Pipekonsert, B: Episode 1: Nakenbad)
2. Skandale Instrumentale 1
3. Det Skandaløse Orkester-Kjenningsmelodien (Episode 2: Hysteri)
4. Hull i Buksen
5. Det Skandaløse Orkester-Kjenningsmelodien (Episode 3: Drapstrusler)
6. En Prest og en Plage
7. Superonanisten
8. Mannen med det Hårete Fødselsmerket på den Ene Skulderen
9. Skandale Instrumentale 2
10. Blotterne Blomstrer i Varmen
11. Skandale Finale

“No Er Det Skandale Igjen” will be reissued through Norwegian label Apollon Records on June 1st 2018.

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