Italian group PAOLO CARRARO BAND has been around for a few good years by now, although they haven’t been all that visible as recording artists so far. With just one demo to their name from prior years, they make their official debut with the EP “Newborn”, which was self released at the start of 2018.

Instrumental progressive rock is what this band is all about, and of the guitar driven and guitar dominated variety at that. This is an EP where the guitarists really gets to shine, and whether by accident or design also to show off and showcase their versatility as performers.

Hence we’re shown nice flowing, hard progressive rock on the opener Introduction 1257, some neat flowing and dreamladen jazzrock alternating with hard quirky instrument details on Exeptions, hard rock combined with and partially placed on top of a 50’s rock ‘n roll foundation on Prog ‘n’Roll, then an elegant careful affair building up to an almost metal tinged intensity on Blue Jay River and then at last a case of the jazzrock band meeting with the heavy power trio feel of concluding cut Beck in Town. This latter track presumably with some obvious references for fans of a certain guitar player.

The band appears tight, and the guitarists know their way around both riffs, technical details and soloing, where everything from dreamladen solo runs to quirky movements and technical virtuosity are showcased for the latter, and the rhythm section are also given moments to express themselves throughout. Perhaps with a bit more of a jazz-tinged orientation than what you find on many other instrumental harder edged progressive rock bands, although it will be a case of individual taste whether that is a positive or a negative.

If you love and treasure the harder edged varieties of instrumental progressive rock, and tend to find it enjoyable when such bands toss in some elements from jazz and jazzrock here and there, Paolo Carraro Band is a band that merits a listen at some point.

My rating: 80/100


Track list:
1. Introduction 1257
2. Exeptions
3. Prog’n’Roll
4. Blue Jay River
5. Beck in Town



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