Three years after the original release, Transubstans Records are very proud to make this extraordinary piece of music available to the public once again.

To sum up what this avant masterpiece is all about, here’s what The Progressor said about the album back in 2015;

“A stellar cast of musicians sees to it that Steensland’s visions, that at least from a musical point of view are firmly placed on the dark and gloomy side of things, are brought to full life in a mesmerizing manner on “A Farewell to Brains”. A visionary production with material rather unlike much else you’ll encounter, most certainly residing within the more challenging corners of the avant-garde progressive rock universe, a transfixing journey into realms rarely explored by others. Highly recommended, especially to those with a taste for music firmly placed on the dark and eerie side of life.”

This new edition was remastered by Morgan Ågren in April, 2018, and is scheduled to be released on June 15th 2018.

Track list:
1 Schrödinger’s Cat
2 Elephant
3 One
4 Fader Vår
5 the Idiot

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