ScienceNV have just released a new single from their latest album. “Gates of Alexander” comes from The Quest for Prester John Volume One. In a review at Wormwood Chronicles the reviewer calls the song, “…an energetic prog workout…”

“The Quest for Prester John Volume One.” Reviewing the album at The Progressive Rock Files, Jerry Lucky said it “is more intense than much of their previous work, there is a lot to sink your teeth into musically, but it’s a very tasty listen well worth spending time with.” At Music Street Journal Greg Olma said of the album, ” it has more than its fair share of really good songs with the instrumental tunes and passages being the standout moments here….” The album “has many different elements ranging from jazz, rock, and even operatic vocals making for a very prog release. “

The second volume now has a release date set for June 15th. Together they will comprise a full concept album in the rich tradition of progressive rock concept albums. The basis for the story is a fascinating tale from history.

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, ScienceNV was formed in 2005 by Larry Jay Davis (guitar and bass guitar), David Graves (keyboards), Jim Henriques (guitar and keyboards) and Rich Kallet (drums). ScienceNV released their debut album, Really Loud Noises in 2008. They followed that up with Pacific Circumstances in 2010. The Last Album Before the End of Time was released in 2013.

While their previous albums were strictly instrumental and without guests, some of these new works include vocals, and there are many guest performers contributing. In fact, between the two discs more than 30 artists worked on the music, recording in six different studios across the United States.

You can check out the single on Spotify HERE, and you can also find the video for “Fanfare” on Youtube HERE

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