Panzerpappa proudly presents “Belgerisk Impro” (Belgerian Impro), a single which represents a triple world premiere. So what is Panzerpappa, you might ask. Well, we are an instrumental avant rock/RIO band from Oslo (Norway) who’ve kept the creativity flowing since 1999. “Avant rock with a friendly face” has been our slogan since the start. Along the way, we have recorded 6 full length albums to international acclaim, but never released a single, before now. “Belgerisk Impro” is therefore the world’s first Panzerpappa single. The previous two albums were mixed by the miraculous Udi Koomran (He has worked with Present, 5uu’s, Dave Wiley, Yugen, Chris Cutler, Thinking Plague, to name a few). Belgerisk Impro, on the other hand, is mixed by Panzerpappa’s very own Trond Gjellum. So, for the first time in 14 years, we release music mixed by the band itself.

“Belgerisk Impro” is scheduled for a June 15th release through Norwegian label Apollon Records Prog, a subdivision of Apollon Records.

Steinar Børve: Soprano saxophone
Trond Gjellum: drums and percussion
Anders K. Krabberød: bass guitar and loops
Jarle G. Storløkken: guitar
Torgeir Wergeland-Sørbye: keyboards

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