Last June, Crystal Jacqueline and her band performed at the Sonic Rock Solstice Festival and somebody very naughtily bootlegged it. The day after the gig, Icarus Peel, Jacqueline’s guitarist and musical director, was perusing one on the many merchandise stalls when he noticed a homemade CD of the previous evening’s performance. “How much for the CD?”, he asked. “Ten quid”, came the reply. “How much if you’re in the band?”, Peel enquired. Unsurprisingly, a considerable discount was offered, and the deal was done. Playing the disc on the long drive home, Jacqueline and Peel were impressed by what they heard and thought that with a bit of tidying up they’d have a rather splendid live album and persuaded Mega Dodo to bootleg the bootleggers.

Mega Dodo is set to release two very limited editions of the album this September. The CD edition comes in an 18-page 8-inch x 8-inch hard bound book with photos from the gig and lyrics to the songs. It also includes a bonus DVD featuring four songs filmed at the festival. The vinyl edition will be available as an ‘official bootleg’ pressed on 180 gram white and black splatter vinyl in an edition of 250. Release date is scheduled for September 28th 2018, through UK label Mega Dodo.

Track list:
1. Sun Arise
2. A Fairy Tale
3. Grantchester Meadows
4. Water Hyacinth
5. Siren
6. Fly A Kite
7. Dragonfly
8. Love Is Light

Bonus DVD:
1. Grantchester Meadows
2. Siren
3. Water Hyacinth
4. A Fairy Tale

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