20 years after the release of “Prodromi di Finzioni Sovrapposte”, TRAMA is back with their second CD “OSCURE MOVENZE”.

The title takes the name from the album track of the name, which was the first to be written following the release of their first album.

The other tracks are the ones most representative of the last 20 years of the band existence except the unpublished “Intro – l’Oblio” which was composed as the introductory piece of the album.

“Anche se per poco” and “Il sottile equilibrio” are revisited tracks of the period following the creation of “Oscure Movenze”, and “Il Viaggio” is a part of a suite never played outside of the studio.

Lyrics, music and arrangements are all by the same line-up as in 1998, with Annalisa Accorsi on vocals, Luca Scherani on keyboards, Gabriele Guidi Colombi on bass, Paolo Gaggero on drums and Lorenzo Loria on guitars.

Luca Scherano and Gabriele Guidi Colombi are also the founders and current members of La Coscienza di Zeno.

This second album is the continuation of what was interrupted 20 years ago, maintaining the same melodic prog sound Trama explored back then.

The CD is produced by Lizard Records, and released on their side-label Locanda del Vento.

The album was recorded at C27 Studio by Nicola Sannino. Photo and graphics for ther album comes courtesy of Roberto Menegon.

“Oscure Movenze” combines the magical melodies of Italian progressive rock with the freshness of modern prog sounds. Welcome back TRAMA !! Surprising and very welcome return … after 20 years.

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