Ahead of its release on September 21, 2018, Alternative and Progressive Metallers MADDER MORTEM have premiered the new single Single Liberator from the upcoming opus “Marrow”:

Listen to the song HERE

The band notes sees the new single Liberator as being “Really a Madder roller coaster, a sense of urgency powering the soaring-then-plummeting changes of feeling and style, but with a meaty groove pushing it all forwards. It’s progressive in parts, but yet very melody-driven, and a perfect song for driving a little too fast.”

“Lyrically, Liberator is a song about picking yourself up and going for what you want, no holds barred. It’s easy to lose yourself to the unending pressure to stay in line, but you need to shake off the grasping hands that would hold you back and fire on all cylinders. Life is short, and we all spend too much time on things that mean nothing to us. Don’t let the voices of “reason” get to you. Let the world end not with a whimper, but with a bang”.

Marrow is the seventh album from Madder Mortem – one of Norway’s most unique metal bands. Following up on Red in Tooth and Claw from 2016, and two successful European tours with fellow Scandinavians Soen, the band is hungrier and heavier than ever before.

Marrow is complex album, covering a wide register of genres and expressions – from folk/prog moments to avant garde, from pretty and ballady to challenging modernistic tonality and harshness. With Agnete M. Kirkevaag’s dynamic and powerful vocals on top, as always. Lyric-wise, the album is about sticking to the essence of yourself. Your ideas, your thoughts, your values. To stay true to your roots – your marrow.

Their most doomy album to date, and at times both heavier and catchier than it’s predecessor Red in Tooth and Claw, the new album Marrow is a perfect album for those thunderous Autumn storms.

01. Untethered
02. Liberator
03. Moonlight Over Silver White
04. Until You Return
05. My Will Be Done
06. Far From Home
07. Marrow
08. White Snow, Red Shadows
09. Stumble On
10. Waiting To Fall
11. Tethered



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