“Playing With Fire” is the first live recording by Deep Energy Orchestra. This super-group showcases prog-phenom Trey Gunn (King Crimson) and Indian percussion master Selvaganesh (John McLaughlin & Shakti, Jonas Helborg, Masters of Percussion) teaming up with composer Jason Everett (Mister E) and a Seattle-based classical string ensemble.

Performing the eclectic compositions of world-jazz bassist Jason Everett, this group of Indian, Prog Rock, and Classical musicians take the listener on a journey of exotic soundscapes. Jason’s ability to weave Indian-style melodies together with complex, funky, odd-meter grooves is deceptively natural.

More-strings-than-usual might be a theme for this group as lead violinist Radhika Iyer, from San Francisco, played her seven-string electric violin and Everett himself is known for his unique seven-string fretless bass. Other local musicians who rounded out the sound included tabla player Anil Prasad, and classical musicians, Rachel Nesvig on violin, Aleida Gehrels on viola, and Phil Hirschi on cello.

These performances were recorded live over a two-day recording session at the Jack Straw Cultural Center in Seattle, WA as part of an Artist Residency award. Everything was also captured on video with multiple cameras so that the unusual instruments (tabla, kanjira, seven-string electric violin, Warr Guitar, and Selvaganesh’s custom drum kit) can be seen as well as heard.

“Playing With Fire” CD is officially released on October 19, 2018
“Playing With Fire” DVD is officially released on November 16, 2018

Track list:
1. The Return
2. Awakening
3. Mysterious World
4. The River
5. Lotus Feet
6. Resolve / Improv / Caravan
7. Honor / Amazing Grace

Jason Everett (Mister E) – 7-string fretless & 6-string acoustic basses
V. Selvaganesh – kanjira and custom drum kit
Trey Gunn – Warr Guitar
Radhika Iyer – 7-string electric violin
Anil Prasad – tabla
Rachel Nesvig – violin
Aleida Gehrels – viola
Phil Hirschi – cello

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“Jason Everett’s intonation on his signature 7-string fretless bass is exemplary, and he is a well-spring of melodies and musical ideas. Keep your eyes and ears out for Jason Everett aka Mister E!”
– Stu Hamm

“Jason’s impressive bass work will dazzle, but his playing transcends the instrument to become a pure source of expression. His compositions are equally full of wonder and atmosphere for a sonic journey. A top-notch musician!”
– Kevin Johnson No Treble Bass Magazine

“Great musicianship and a beautiful mix of tone colors.”
– Matthew Montfort founder of world fusion group Ancient Future

“Very interesting piece of work by Jason Everett! Well Done!”
– Bass Frontiers Magazine

“It is my pleasure to be part of Deep Energy Orchestra, everyone was flying, especially Trey! I had a great time playing the music and was impressed with Jason’s pieces, especially those in odd-meters. This is one of my favorite groups!”
– Selvaganesh

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