Ultra-Violence are an Italian thrash metal band from Turin, Italy, formed in 2009. After they released their second album, ‘Deflect The Flow’, they had their first line-up changes as the bassist and drummer both departed. It took a while to pull together the new line-up, but once that was completed they again hit the road playing shows and festivals all around Europe supporting bands like Discharge, Angelus Apatrida, Tokyo Blade and Rotting Christ, as well as playing some shows with Skull Fist in Japan. Now they are back with their important third album, the first with the new guys, so what is it like?

Right from the off it is obvious that here is a band that have paid their dues, and know exactly what they are about. This is powerful crunching thrash, with a strong production which allows the whole band to shine. Anthemic shouted backing vocals, combined with some simply superb drumming provides a backbone which is strong. Bassist Andrea Lorenti deserves a shout out as his work is exemplary, tying down the foundation at some points, adding additional melodies or tracking the guitars at others. He adds additional finesse to songs such as “My Fragmented Self” which shows just how far removed these guys are from many of the new wave of thrash.

Then you have the twin guitars of Loris Castiglia (who also provides lead vocals) and Andrea Vacchiotti, which are heavy, hard, and full of steel. To survive with classic bands such as Discharge and Rotting Christ, two very different acts indeed, Ultra-Violence know what they are doing in the live environment, and here they have also managed to capture that intensity in the studio. It may not be the most amazing thrash album I have heard this year, but it is heads and shoulders above many.

Rating: 7/10


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