This is the debut album from, who describe themselves as playing a unique blend of ska, hard rock, punk and reggae, with no horns. They do remind me somewhat of Less Than Jake, but not having a brass element does make a difference, plus there are times when these guys come across as a pure ska outfit, more Specials than Motörhead. Now, this causes a problem, as there are times when these guys really are too ska for me – I vividly remember the ska scene in the UK when bands like The Beat and Selecter were all the rage, and it just made me dive even further into metal, so it’s not a genre I am very much a fan of. But, there are others where these guys are showing no ska influences and instead are blasting away in a melodic punk infused metal which has plenty of promise, but surely that is way too heavy for fans of their other style? What they are doing is very clever, but it may actually be too clever for its own good as there has to be a risk of polarising their audiences, who could get mighty confused listening to this. More for fans of bands like NOFX than metalheads I think.

Rating: 4/10

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