Formed in Edmonton in 2015, Tymo released their debut album ‘The Lone Wolf” in March of the same year. The band are Tim Tymo on vocals/guitar, Nick Schwartz on guitar, Harlen Jacobs on bass, and Marc Durie on drums. ‘Purge & Reset’ is their second full-length album, and was released last year. They state that “We love writing and performing and all have a common love for thrash metal. We wanted to reference our heroes such as Megadeth, Municipal Waste and Metallica and mix up that inspiration with our own brew and see what we came up and here we are. We want to give people a source of inspiration and excitement!”.

More Municipal Waste than Metallica, and quite a long way removed from Megadeth, this thrash band are probably a load of fun live, but only some of that comes through on the album. Self-produced, this definitely has the feel of thrash from the mid-Eighties, when the scene was awash with bands all attempting to make their mark. There are some interesting elements here and there, especially when the two guitars combine the melody lines, but for the most part this is just yet another album that is going over old ideas without really adding anything dramatically new. Vocally Tymo has a lot in common with Hetfield, but his style doesn’t contain the snarl and aggression. Sometimes the only instrument that appears to be thrash are the drums, with the rest of the instruments falling into hard rock, and overall this is a mish mash of styles which is okay while playing, but doesn’t demand repeats.

Rating: 5/10

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