Brighton based progressive rockers Tales Of Autumn have unveiled their latest video for track “Worthless”!

Commenting on the song, Stefanos Karantonis, notes: “The song is about a guy who had his life planned out for him by others. He realises after a while that he is living somebody else’s life and he doesn’t want to anymore.”

The video can be found HERE

Formed in Brighton back in 2014, progressive rock four-piece Tales of Autumn have spent the last four years slowly cultivating their sound into a beautiful albeit explosive offering. Working tirelessly, the band opted not to hit the live circuit until they had the right players. With the current line up in place, made up of Stefanos Karantonis (Vocals & Guitars), Tom Kiggins (Guitars), Jordan Dann (Drums) and Nick Horton (Bass), the band began building up a name as a ferocious live beast.

It was this reputation that saw the band secure a slot at Bloodstock Open Air in August 2017 alongside bands like Amon Amarth, Ghost and Megadeth. Since then the band have returned to the studio to put the final touches on their stunning debut album; “In Madness We Trust”. A conceptual record that see’s the band delve into the social views of mental health disorders. A sprawling beast of an album, that veers between the slow burn bombast of “She’s Watching” to the at times playful, duelling guitar work of “Final Confession” right through to fan favourite “Worthless”.

Beating with the heart of a hard rock band, but with veins are filled with a love of all things prog, Tales Of Autumn are a band capable of captivating fans on both sides of aisle. If you’re a fan of stomping riffs, huge choruses and intricate guitar work, you will be more than at home here.


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