The start of the fall season of 2018 at Lizard Records is marked by a record gem: The debut album of MARBLE HOUSE, the Italian band that may be closest to the modern prog sounds of K-Scope, with particular reference to the dark and melancholic atmosphere, rich in pathos and lyricism, of a band like Gazpacho.

Only five songs, but with the long suite “Marble House”, of dense sound suggestions and wonderful vocal melodies, in which the stylistic modernity coexist with Mellotron and Farfisa organ, soft touches of electric piano, the inevitable Hammond, Harmonium and piano.

Atmospheres sometimes tense and electric, often dreamy, from the first song “To makes ends meet”, between the phrasing of distorted guitars and organ, the restless pulsation of drums and bass, which melt into the sweetness of the guitar arpeggios and electric piano. A vague reference to the first Genesis in “Reverie”, the epic feel of “Riding in the fog”, the touching crescendo of the ballad “The last 48 hours”, and then the 24-minutes highlight of the title-track, an alternation of contrasting shades of lightness and darkness in six breathtaking parts.

“Embers” was released by Italian label Lizard Records at the end of September 2018.

Track list:
1. To Makes Ends Meet
2. Reverie
3. Riding in the Fog
4. The Last 48 Hours
5. Embers

“An album that enchants, fascinates, moves, from the first to the last minute !!”

“A young band that could be the revelation in the new Italian progressive rock scene and beyond”


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