I was having an email conversation with David Brenner of Gridfailure last year, and he told me that his plans for 2018 included releasing ten (yes, ten) albums. I’m not sure quite how many he has achieved, but he is working through material at such a rate that he has actually released this as a free ten-track EP just to make it available while he is working on so much other stuff. Since I first came across Gridfailure I have found myself drawn to the dystopian world in which David exists, something that is bleak, industrial, and it is always raining and always the middle of the night with bright white lights here and there and steam venting from pipes. It is music that is at the very edge of the definition. Apparently he uses “uses guitars, bass, drums, keys, several suitcases of effects pedals, nature, garbage, incineration, and more to embody the “powerdementia” descriptor in a gross display of cross-dystopian subhuman scourge, distaste for most things, societal collapse, revenge plots, and generally defective auditory output.”

This is not something that many people will enjoy, as it is as far away from the mainstream as it is possible to imagine, but imagine the world in a post-industrial disaster where Art Zoyd, Can and people who view music as a weapon instead of an artform all come together to create something then you might just get an idea of what this is all about. If I played this to a room full of people then it is quite possible that every single person will leave apart from me, but if anyone stayed then they would have an auditory experience like no other. David continues to release cutting edge material I find compelling, and remember, this is available totally free! So what are you waiting for?

Rating: 9/10


Track list:
1. There Is A Hole And Somebody Went Out
2. Peeling
3. Crypt Tuning
4. Body Farmer’s Almanac
5. The Two Minutes Hate Every Two Minutes
6. Powerdementia Intermezzo
7. Reclaimed Fate
8. Cliff Hurtin
9. And Eventually, Consumed
10. Blades For Guillotine Shear



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