Now this is somewhat unusual. I was sent the album to review in September, and here I am towards the end of November writing the review (okay, nothing strange bout that to be honest), but this album isn’t even out until near the end of January so was released four months early. That is really strange for a major label like Nuclear Blast, as if it is ready why not put it out for the Christmas market? Anyway, it’s here and I’ve been playing so may as well write about it. Post rock, post hardcore, punk, EMO, Metalcore, this is a mix of loads of different styles which are probably aimed at someone less than half my age. Apparently this is a young band, who have also been together for a couple of years, and I can imagine them being very much part of the digital generation as their lightweight guitars and songs just wash over me.

Instantly forgettable, this is music for teenagers, and even my kids are older than that! I am sure they will sell millions, and radio will love them, but this is a throwaway plastic bag of pop rock which I will leave at the checkout. Sorry.

Rating: 3/10


1. Fear
2. Lost
3. Runaway
4. Happy
5. Fathers
6. Taxi
7. Neglect
8. Vinyl
9. Reckless
10. Wilt
11. Unbalanced



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