Julie Felix made the UK her home in the Sixties, and apparently was the first solo folksinger signed to a major label, and the first folk performer to fill the Royal Albert Hall. She was also a regular on British TV, firstly with The Frost Report before having her own show Once More With Felix. She is eighty years old now and has celebrated with her first new album for ten years. She is joined by violinist extraordinaire Peter Knight (Steeleye Span), but unfortunately I don’t know who else is involved which is a real shame as there are so many different styles from woodwind through violin and some wonderful arrangements, and some stark electric guitar

This album may have been recorded and released in 2018, but in all reality, it is like stepping back in time to Julie’s heyday. Yes, her voice is fractured with age, but she still has the control and emotion. I had to smile listening to some of the songs, as she is still the left-wing folk activist. There is one song declaring her admiration for the left-wing leader of the UK Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn (“Corbinista”) and another having a go at Bush, Simon Cowell and others (“Tiger Eyes”). This is a Sixties protest album, by someone who was there, and is an absolute joy to listen to. I don’t know if Julie will record again, but if not then she has finished with a wonderful album which is a great end to an amazing career. There are many singers in the charts who don’t have the breath control of Julie, incredible.

Rating: 8/10


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