The birth of the album “Ca.pez.zà.gna” is interesting: At it’s center a composition of AIRPORTMAN group made in the aftermath of their meeting with the film “Violeta se fue a los cielos” by Andres Wood, released in Italy in 2013

Airportman, for almost two decades among the greatest exponents of experimental music and instrumental rock in Italy, a marine world of sound meets again with Stefano Giaccone, musician, playwright, returning here again as a guide. Accompanying it under the wall, suggesting a path, taking care of men and mules in the crossing, looking forward to their return, to recall around the fire the ancient future they share.

“…intense songs filled with human grace. A meeting between artists of rare talent that gives a record of poetic beauty. UNMISSABLE”
– (Rockerilla)

Track list:

  1. Il primo brano
  2. Il secondo brano
  3. Il terzo, quarto, quinto e sesto brano
  4. Il settimo brano
  5. L’ottavo brano


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