The new PoiL album Sus is set for a April 26 release via french label extraordinaire Dur et Doux! Today, PoiL release a brand new single titled Luses Fadas – definitely more on the crazy side of music! Listen to the track on YouTube:

“Expect the standard outside-the-box thinking that PoiL ascribe to their music, and then expect it tenfold. Only then will you get a bearing on how cool this new track is. PoiL have always been great, but this song is undoubtedly one of their finest yet. It maintains an eloquent, tribal and funky tempo, whilst upholding the complex and zany characteristics which are a defining feature of the band’s sound. All of their best elements are honed perfectly in this one song. Miss it at your own misery.”
– Everything Is Noise

In other news, PoiL recently announced a extensive touring schedule, which you can find below.

PoiL flow, dance and dash between the energy of punk, the beauty of chamber music and the chaos of a factory on the brink of explosion.

Sus, the new album of the ultra-speed superhero trio is steeped in maturity. The record consists of two epic 20 minute pieces where humour gives up its place to lyricism and Occitan poetry. Serenades of love, sky and sea intercourse, mad dogs shrieking from the bottom of a well…. PoiL have removed their red costumes and donned troubadour’s cap, ostensibly calmer but forever close to madness.

Rocked by the sweet Oc patois, in addition, PoiL seize Occitan and Provencal poetry – from Max Rouquette and Théodore Aubanel – to dress their sound.The compositions draw from a broad field of inspiration: Occitan polyphony, Renaissance counterpoint, repetitive music and buccal filtered vocalizations inspired by Stockhausen Stimmung on a mushroom trip, technoïd rhythm for limping dancers. All on a bed of big sound, swift and distorted, evoking thoughts of rabid dogs and the swarming of a nocturnal forest under a full moon.

After L’ire des papes, Dins o cuol and Brossaklitt, here comes Sus with another curve in the tortuous path of PoiL. The album was recorded at l’Art Scène studio by Adrian Bourget, made with the energy and raw sound, of their frenetic, mind bending live show.


  1. Sus la peìra
  2. Lo potz
  3. Luses Fadas
  4. Grèu Martire
  5. Chin fòu

12.04 BADEN, Royal Baden, CH
13.04 BERLIN, Das Hintertreffen festival, DE
14.04 MAINZ, Haus Mainusch, DE
27.04 GENAZZANO, Festival Guochi Nella Notta IT
30.04 LORETO, Reasonanz, IT

09.05 LYON, Rock in Opposition Festival, FR

06.06 : TOULOUSE – Pavillons Sauvages, FR
08.06 : PAU – Le Cendar, FR
12.06 : VALENCIA, tba, ES
13.06 : CASTELLON, tba, ES
14.06 : BARCELONA, tba, ES

05.07 VELENJE, Mladinski center, SI
06.07 TOLMIN, Sajeta festival, SI
11.07 PLANEZES, Les musicales, FR
27.07 BREITENCBACH, Burg Herzberg festival, DE

02.08 ORGELET, Les nuits du 4 août, FR


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