After the release of the debut album Noise & Romance, Danish noise rockers The Entrepreneurs, has gained attention from international media and audiences with their powerful and adventurous music. The lead singles of the album, Joaquin and Heroine gained airplay on BBC 6 Music and the full-length album received subsequently great reviews and online support from The Line of Best Fit, the 405, Everything is Noise and many more.

Today the trio announces a London show along with the release of a live-session for the album-opener Session 1. Session 1 is a grunge- and post rock-inspired track that enters with a big and wide guitar riff, explosive drums and Mathias Bertelsens signature vocals that brings it all together. Watch the video at

The upcoming London-show will take place at The Shacklewell Arms on May 1st and will be The Entrepreneurs’ first live-appearance in London – and to judge from today’s live-session release the trio is fully ready to take on the stage.

The club night Backhouse to the Future is known for presenting the future of music in London. Hosted by BBC Music Introducing and Amazing Radio presenter and DJ Andy Backhouse, the night has seen DJs Hot Chip and Everything Everything, and new names like Benin City, Otherkin and Alicai Harley.

There is free entry for the show.

Noise & Romance is the debut album by Copenhagen-based noise rockers The Entrepreneurs. The album is a potent exploration of modern rock and the trio enjoy a reputation as one of the fiercest live bands in their native Denmark, and with their debut album they’re ready to take on the world. Their noisy songs are aesthetically rich and experimental variations on some rock’s most significant subgenres like punk, grunge, post-rock – always performed with an underlying dark and explosive feel.

Other than being the album’s title, the concepts of noise and romance have both been central to the band from the get-go as they perfectly describe their explosive songs and romantic lyrics.

The album’s lead singles, Joaquin and Heroine, have already seen international coverage, including airplay on heavyweights like BBC 6 Music and a plethora of local stations around Europe, as well as online support from The Line of Best Fit, the405, Everything Is Noise and many more. The Entrepreneurs are also performing on the next edition of the influential industry festival Eurosonic in the Netherlands.

Noise & Romance is equally hard-hitting, experimental and emotional. Mathias’ vocal style has been compared to singers like Jeff Buckley, their rhythmic approach to guitar riffs and distorted vocal effects aren’t unlike what Deftones incorporate in their unique style of metal, and finally the driving and repetitive beats and use of synthesizers on Noise & Romance bring back memories of the heyday of both kraut rock and bands like Sonic Youth.

The Entrepreneurs’ debut album Noise & Romance was released on Feb 1, 2019 and can be ordered on vinyl, CD, cassette and download HERE.


  1. Session 1
  2. Say So!
  3. Joaquin
  4. Sail Away
  5. Be Mine
  6. Heroine
  7. Ages
  8. Despair
  9. Morning Son
  10. D-Tune


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