This is the debut album by Deth Crux, (who feature in their ranks members of US doom legends Buried at Sea and black/death heathens Lighting Swords of Death). They are described as channelling bands such as Bauhaus, Fields of the Nephilim, and Sisters of Mercy, with the spooky and feral irreverence of Christian Death. I can see where they get that from, but to my ears they sound much more like the bastard offspring of The Cult and Hawkwind, with Carl McCoy definitely getting a look in as well. The use of saxophone is interesting, but I found that I soon felt each song was very closely aligned to the one prior, started to get bored, and found myself wondering if it was time to go and get something to eat, watch TV, anything apart from having to listen to the whole of the album. Possibly that says more about my personal musical tastes than it does about this as I have found this style of music that interesting, but when a drummer is that pedestrian, a guitarist who buzzsaws repeatedly, and a singer who seems to concentrate on the same few notes, perhaps it isn’t just me after all. Next.

Rating: 4/10


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