It looks as if Comatose Music are building themselves a reputation for delivering some of the best death metal around, as Greek act Mass Infection are back with their fourth studio album, four years on from ‘For I Am Genocide” and arguably it is their best yet. Giulio Galati provides an incredibly solid base for the band, but what is interesting for me is not only the different rhythms and counter rhythms, or the use of crash cymbals and the obligatory bass pedal act, but the way he uses cymbal notes here and there which add an additional register to the bombast. Bassist John Kyriakou has locked himself into the guitars, so much so that he is often indistinguishable from the overall sound, and then of course we have George Stournaras (who also provides leads vocals) and Nick Lytras. They are the two guys who have been there since the very beginning, more than fifteen years ago, and it shows. They know exactly what the other is going to do, how they are going to do it, and what they need to do themselves to emphasise the attack.

Greece has continued to produce some incredibly important metal acts over the years, and with this album Mass Infection are showing why they need to be included in that list. This is Morbid Angel style death metal at its very best, and when compared with the likes of Kraanium it shows the death metal genre itself is very broad these days, as the two bands are quite different, yet each is quite superb. If an album ever deserved being played at ear splitting volume, then this is it. Fans of the genre cannot afford to miss this.

Rating: 8/10


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