Back in 2006 I came across Billy Greer’s email address, I’d probably been sent it in connection with Seventh Key, and while I knew it was a great opportunity to speak to Billy, I was actually way more interested in his new/old bandmate Mike Slamer. With nothing ventured nothing gained, I sent Billy an email asking if he would pass my details onto Mike so I could interview him, and like the star he is, he did! I still remember seeing City Boy on Top of the Pops performing “” and I instantly loved them, and soon had all their albums. I finally wore out my pre-recorded cassette of ‘Heads Are Rolling’, and it was years before it was finally released on CD, but I grabbed it when it was and still love that album (although ‘Book Early’ and ‘The Day The Earth Caught Fire’ are still also played frequently).

This new band is a project between Mike and singer Andrew Freeman of Last In Line and is the perfect combination of melodic hard rock and great bluesy vocals. Slamer has been in a few key bands over the years, but has never really gained the recognition he deserves, but here he is allowing himself the room to strut his stuff and in Freeman has found a singer with the emotion and breadth within his vocals to provide the perfect counter. Many may think of Slamer as a pop rock guitarist, but they obviously never heard either his later albums with City Boy, (or the bootleg live recordings, c’mon guys, surely someone must want to release an official live album?), Steelhouse Lane, Seventh Key, Slamer, and Terry Brock, and we can’t forget his work in the 80’s with Streets (featuring Kansas singer Steve Walsh) either. He makes hard rock guitar sounds commercial, packs it full of hooks, and the result is something that at times sounds like Journey on steroids. This may be the first album I have heard of his for some years, but it really is as if he has never been away. Fans of melodic rock need to seek this out immediately, if not sooner. “Another Way To Fly” has classic rock anthem written all over it.

Rating: 8/10


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