It has been some 25 years since the Italian death metal act released their debut album ‘Inside The Unreal’, and given they then broke up in 1997 it was something of a surprise when the name returned in 2014 with ‘Metaphysincarnation’. For that album singer/guitarist Mick Montaguti and fellow guitarist Alex Guadagnoli brought in a new rhythm section, but by the time we get to the latest release on Montaguti and “new” drummer Vellacifier are still there, as we have a new bassist and two new guitarists giving them a triple guitar attack. Although one can argue that they shouldn’t really be using the name Electrocution anymore, one can’t deny that when it comes to technical death metal these guys really know what they are doing. The guitars are complex, heavy, powerful and over the top. Apparently Montaguti was at one time considered by Sepultura as a replacement for Cavalera when he left, and it would have been interesting to think what would have happened to their sound if they had a second guitarist and more of a death influence. As it is, this is a thoroughly enjoyable album of the genre, and while it may not be indispensable, it is still a good way of losing dandruff.

Rating: 7/10


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