Looking at the CD one might be forgiven in thinking that this is an American band, and the song titles also makes one believe that to be the case, but just on opening the booklet and looking at the photo on the rear made me start to rethink that. The nice group of people on the front are being shown in their best light, whereas those on the rear are in an alley. There is a rough gruff look which makes one think that here is the real deal, not something which is cartoon and pleasant, and putting this on the player makes one realise these aren’t American at all, but are from Eastern Europe and they are pissed about something. I have been honoured to hear a great deal of release from the Polish label Lynx Music over the years, but this is the first time I have come across a band who are pushing Doro-style hard rock and metal as opposed to something far more keyboard oriented and less reliant on guitars.

Formed in Warsaw in 2013, they say they combine glam metal from Sunset Strip of the 80’s with a modern sound and some elements of progressive rock. White Highway say they are influenced by the liks of Whitesnake, Def Leppard, Giant, Vixen, Saraya as well as some components taken from film music. They may well be influenced by all of the above, but there isn’t much of it apparent in the music, although I can hear some Faster Pussycat, early Van Halen and others from the hair metal scene. Some of the guitar sounds are straight from the Poison handbook, with keyboards being used just to provide support for the guitar. Overall this may not be essential but it’s not bad either. It will be interesting to watch these guys over the next few years and see what happens with them. Fans of the genre could do far worse than check this out.

Rating: 6/10


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