It took me ages to work out how I was going to describe this album, as this alternative style really isn’t me at all. But, it is fresh and young (so the opposite of yours truly), and in the end I decided on Muse meets My Chemical Romance and they go on a date with Linkin Park before being mugged by Coldplay on the way home afterwards. Piano is important and delicate, and the album is full of angry young men shouting with rage, but one does get the impression that it is all put on angst and venom as opposed to reality. This is a group of guys who seem way too clean cut to have experienced deprivation and are simply portraying an image. The production is very good indeed, but this is simply something I can’t ever imagine myself ever playing for pleasure as it is a style of music which is just too contrived and leaves me cold.

I am sure there are plenty of people out there who will rave over this, and their debut apparently received more than a million plays. According to the label, the band has already demonstrated their status as the most promising alternative newcomers around, combining catchy hooks, danceable rhythms and electronic elements defining the band’s distinctive sound, with a fresh symbiosis composed of R’n’B inspired vocals and a rough rock sound. So there you go, just not for me at all.

Rating: 5/10


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