US project ELECTRIC BIRD NOISE is the creative vehicle of composer and musician Brian Lea McKenzie, and for the past two decades this venture has been a productive and innovative one. The EP “Nrob Elbarap” was released towards the tail end of 2018 through US label Silber Records.

For some years now, most Electric Bird Noise releases have revolved around the use of light toned, reverberating and echoing plucked guitar notes, with or without additional sounds accompanying this core foundation. This approach also applies to this one track EP that clocks in at just over 12 minutes.

On this occasion the guitars serves as more of a support instrument though, alongside a careful light toned drone as well as a floating, psychedelic guitar solo overlay that glides in after a few minutes. The dominant element this time around is a spoken female voice, lightly treated with effects to add a subtle distorting and otherworldly element to the proceedings.

It is a compelling and rather engaging combination, but with one dimension to it that may be alienating: The words spoken revolves around a certain Jesus Christ, and everything appears to be either recited from the Bible, and/or spoken in a Biblical manner. But as long as this element isn’t found disturbing, this is a strikingly compelling creation on just about all levels.

The name of this EP, the contents as well as the fact that it was released just prior to Christmas, will perhaps result in this one being regarded as more of a season production by many. Apart from that, this is an elegant mix of elements from drone music and psychedelic music, assembled in a strikingly and compelling otherworldly atmosphere, and an EP well worth investigating by those who tend to find such constellations rewarding to listen to.

My rating: 80/100


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