Vancouver’s KOSM recently plunged listeners into the dark universe of their Bloodborne inspired EP “Eyes On The Inside” unleashed on June 28th, 2019. The dark and agile record demonstrated KOSM’s maturity in sound since releasing their 2018 Lovecraftian inspired debut album “Cosmonaut” and was the first release that featured all members of the band contributing to the writing process. In addition to the band’s original material, the progressive metal quintet enjoys creating cover videos of some of their favourite bands such as Gojira, Mastodon, Queens of The Stone Age, System of A Down, Halestorm, Plini and many more. Adding to the list of covers, the band is sharing their new video performing A PERFECT CIRCLE’s famed track ‘3 Libras’ alongside friend James Holder of Vancouver gothic metalcore outfit 2 SHADOWS.

The band adds:
“We’re all big fans of APC and this cover turned out better than we were expecting – we try to keep things DIY and did this all ourselves! Due to time constraints between our current EP release we had to record and shoot this whenever there was time – always have to stay busy!”

Watch KOSM covering A PERFECT CIRCLE‘s ‘3 Libras’ on YouTube here.

KOSM latest EP “Eyes On The Inside” is available on Spotify, Bandcamp, and Apple Music.
EP stream here.

Lyric Video – ‘Yharnam’ here.

The band adds about writing the EP:
“We really set out to give people what they were asking of us, we all feel it’s going to be received incredibly well. On top of that, this is 100% for all the Bloodborne fans that trolled us into oblivion last year, so we hope that they love it just as much as the fans of progressive metal do! It’s heavier, trickier, and more concise with obvious nods to our biggest influences including Tool, Mastodon and Gojira.”

Show Dates:
Sept 6 – Edmonton, AB – Starlite Room
Sept 14 – Vancouver, BC – Pat’s Pub
Oct 31 – Vancouver – Rickshaw Theatre w/ Jinjer, The Browning, Sumo Cyco

Track List:

1. Yharnam
2. Clocktower
3. A Call Beyond
4. Old Blood
5. Eyes On The Inside

KOSM is:
Erik Leonhard – Guitar
Mike Slater – Guitar
Jessie Grace – Vocals
Sterling Paterson – Drums
Michael Mastracci – Bass


KOSM is a progressive metal band hailing from Vancouver BC, Canada. Combining influences from Mastodon, Tool, and Gojira; their sound is dynamic and unquestionably lethal. Since their induction in 2016, they have been making their mark in Vancouver’s metal scene as an absolute force to be reckoned with.

Familiar to members of the progressive metal covenant, and playing with themes from the H.P. Lovecraft and Bloodborne universes; KOSM is quite unique and authentically its own being. Their first release, 2018’s “Cosmonaut” was an album loosely based on the Lovecraftian myth of Cthulhu and each song was meant to walk the listener through a story from beginning to end. Following this, the band is now gearing up for the release of their latest release in 2019, “Eyes On The Inside”, an EP exclusively based on the Bloodborne video game.


“The technical abilities of all band members blew my head off. The flow and continuity of the music is maintained from the first to the last note despite all the challenging progressiveness. It’s got more creativity crammed in 5 songs than some bands put in their entire discography. And it kills swiftly with no mercy. For all you waiting on that new Tool album, make this EP your warm up.” 9.5/10
– The Metal Observer

“If you love your prog chunkier and sludgier KOSM is right up your ally. They are definitely one of the genre’s best kept secrets and lets not make them a secret anymore, okay?”
– Technical Music Review

“KOSM’s knack for creating concept albums has paid off yet again!”
– The Music Below

“I am immediately impressed. “Yharnam” is the first track, and I am already thinking Otep, Epica and iwrestledabearonce. The lyrics are impactful, the flow of the song fits and I want to listen to the rest already. Jessie Grace, vocalist, is showing her talent from the get-go. Having such a strong female lead is really a treasure, and I can’t fault the song. It’s definitely my favourite track off of the EP. The lyrics are dynamic and descriptive, and well executed. If you haven’t played Bloodborne, then this song will make you want to…I loved this EP! Everything worked and came together. It was refreshing, powerful and I believe the band will go far.”
– Midlands Metalheads

“Vancouver’s KOSM kick the door in with Cosmonaut, their monstrous full-length debut. Brace yourself for a satisfying trip through an exciting mountain range of cascading, meaty riffs, swelling rises, and heady drops, all led by the powerful, soaring vocals of the dynamic Jessie Grace. “
– Beatroute BC

“KOSM cite Tool, Gojira, and Mastodon as three of their main influences, and all three can be heard loud and clear on their new album, Cosmonaut. The technical, progressive musicianship of Tool meets the crushing grooves and rhythmic vocals of Gojira, and Mastodon’s ear for riffy, thunderous prog are all present on Cosmonaut, which features some of the most technical metal I’ve heard this year outside of, you know, technical death metal. “
– Decibel Magazine

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