Afraid is the first single from Laughing Stock’s upcoming new album “Sunrise”. The single is out now, via Norwegian label Apollon Records Prog, and the album is due out in September.

The roots of the band Laughing Stock goes all the way back to Tønsberg, Norway,  in 1986, and has had many shapes over the years. However, Laughing Stock as we know it today, was formed in 2017.

The band consist of Håvard Enge on vocals, keyboards and flute. Jan Mikael Sørensen does vocals, guitar, bass, drums and keyboards.Jan Erik Kirkevold Nilsen also contributes vocals and guitars.

Laughing Stock are a band that is completely in command of their artistic vision. That vision is quite complex, and the band has no goal in fitting in a specific genre. 80’s artpop, 70’s prog, neo-prog, folk and metal. It is all parts that fits in the puzzle.

Track list:
1. Afraid

Island, 2018 (self released)


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