I know very little about this Chile-based band, but they released their debut album as long ago as 2008, and the same line-up has been together since 2009. There have been some EP’s and singles, but the second album didn’t come out until 2015, and this is their third. This is blackened thrash metal with more than one eye on classic Darkthrone and Bathory with perhaps some Sodom thrown in for good measure. Distorted and very angry, here is a band who want to destroy their instruments with aggression as they bring brutal death metal into the mix as well, covering all the bases for an over the top attack on the senses. I also find myself being reminded of the classic Brazilian band Sarcófago, plus a conversation between Bill Steer and Shane Embury on the classic BBC documentary where they were talking about how there were some really good death bands in Chile.

It is brutal, basic, with production as clear as mud, which is just right for this style of music. The vocals are raw and powerful, right in your face, as the maelstrom of noise comes together into something which feels incredibly naïve, incredibly honest, and indisputably powerful. According to the press release, with this album “you’re laughing like a madman, hanging on for dear life as the winds of the vortex tear at your body. The music shifts and surges organically; accelerating, settling, exploding”, and I couldn’t have put it better myself. This is brutal stuff which has no place at all in 2019 as it should have come out 20 or 30 years ago, yet here it is in all its dark relentless beauty.

Rating: 8/10


Track list:
1. Deadly Poison and Black Fire
2. Umbravorous
3. The Dwell
4. Formidable Destino
5. Military Industrial Complex
6. Somnambulus
7. The Excrements of Infinity are the Vices of Divinity
8. Virtual Antropophagy
9. Merchant Of Spirits
10. D.M.T


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