There is no doubt in my mind that the guys at Imperative PR are not only twisted in the extreme but have a way with words which I can only marvel at sometimes. Here is the opening paragraph of the press release for this album, “Humanity feeds upon every living organism on this planet, devouring rapaciously without thought, without mercy. The Earth screams beneath the yoke of our careless slavery but we ignore the cries, driven by our endless greed we consume without respite, hurtling towards our own destruction in an insane feast of total annihilation. But there are other dimensions than the one we know, other worlds where it is the humans that scream, unheard, for eternity. There are places where we are imprisoned from birth to agonising death, where the offspring of monsters are nourished by our bodies. There are prisons where every waking moment is a nightmare and the only dream is of death, where we suffer in the chains of parasitic slavery…”

Hopefully that has given you some sort of idea of what we are facing here, to put it more simply this is one of the finest death metal albums ever to come out of the UK, channelling Morbid Angel, Hate Eternal, Krisiun, Nile, Carcass and Cannibal Corpse while also channelling some of the more brutal elements of Anaal Nathrakh. It surprises me not in the least that they have played some shows with the latter, as well as Exhumed, Vital Remains and Gorguts plus festivals with Vader, Immolation, Cannibal Corpse and Emperor. This is brutal yet controlled, death metal with passion and drive, a band who are as tight as a gnat’s arse, but with far more weaponry at their disposal. It is Nile in terms of complexity, yet with a simplistic attack which makes it an absolute delight from start to end. Although “delight” may not be the word may people will associate with this style of music.

Powerful and brash, this is a release which is going to make many people sit up and take notice and rightly so. This is death metal which is controlled yet has lost none of the brutality one associates with this type of music. It may have taken five years for them to produce the follow-up to the debut but surely it won’t be that long until the next one. This is easily one of the most important metal releases of the year so far.

Rating: 9/10


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